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ELO DMS - Document management System

Document management System ELO represents a set of solutions that makes a unique platform for archiving and document management, tracking objects (paper documents), as well as to support business processes.

ELO DMS ensures controlled and safe working with documents and at the same time creates the basic prerequisites for more efficient and productive work of all employees.

ELO provides archiving and processing of any document type, for the majority of the most commonly used file types, such as Word, Excel, PDF, or CAD documents, Web or e-mail facilities. In addition, ELO has a special support for full content search for the document, the so-called "Full text" search, using OCR / ICR technology.

With the introduction of ELO DMS solutions, companies establish a central database for all documents, which significantly facilitates the work and cooperation among employees.

Centralization of documents and unification of their organization through the ELO DMS provides that all correspondence for important operations is on the central server in the form of a structured map, which is understandable for everyone and practical to use.

ELO DMS is based on open industrial and technological standards and secures:

  • »Rapid availability, long-term and reliable storage of documents quick administration of documents,
  • »Controlled application approach to documents (authorization and several levels of protection, encryption, PKI)
  • »Observing business communication with partners based on the link between documents and relevant business processes.
  • »Supporting the storage of documents in off line media.
  • »Unique storage of all archived documents and multiple usage of electronically archived documents in different applications.
  • »Kontrolu i čuvanje svih verzija dokumenata, timski rad (verzioniranje, “check in - check out” funkcije)
  • »Control and storage of all versions of documents, team work (check in / check out functions).
  • »Controlling the execution of tasks and monitoring all operations with documents (document life cycle)