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ELOprofessional Verzija 7.0

Respecting the variety of the existing organizational structures and industry branches where it is used, ELOprofessional is structured as modular system and can be adjusted to various needs. Its main characteristic, beside modularity, is the automatic management option for the phases of documents composition i.e. processing - "workflow". This system creates and manages files of up to 4.3 billion documents, and is used on Windows operating systems.

Some of the characteristics of this programme package are the following:

  • »Client - Server technology with SQL base,
  • »Windows API
  • »Up to 20 archives per server
  • »4.3 billion documents per archive
  • »Integrated with Microsoft Office Package
  • »Modular, flexible, option for programming as per user`s requirements,
  • »Versioning,
  • »"Fulltext" checking option in textual and scanned documents, drawings, etc.,

Additional Modules:

  • »ELO Backup
  • »ELO OCR
  • »ELO Barcode
  • »ELO DocXtractor
  • »ELO Business Logic Provider
  • »ELO Internet gateway
  • »ELO Signature
  • »ELO Replikation
  • »COLD
  • »ELO For Smartphone


  • »ELO Archive links for SAP
  • »ELO for Microsoft Dinamics NAV
  • »ELO CAD
  • »ELO SharePoint
  • »ELO XC