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Document management System ELO

Document management System ELO represents a set of solutions that makes a unique platform for archiving and document management, tracking objects (paper documents) . . .

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Respecting the variety of the existing organizational structures and industry branches where it is used, ELOprofessional is structured as modular system and can be adjusted to various needs.

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This package is designed for medium and big enterprises, its functionalities are the same as in ELOprofessional package, and the difference is that ELOenterprise operates on UNIX and LINUX.

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    SAP – business platform is the most powerful tool for the management of the companies!

SAP AG is the world leader on ERP technologies market, based in Waldorf, Germany. SAP offers business platform representing powerful tool for company's development, contributing optimal usage of informational resources of a company, improving the business efficiency and building closer ties with the surrounding.